Review: Lumberjanes

Lumberjanes1I’m a bit picky when it comes to comics. I tend to steer clear of large universes and voluminous series. If I want heavy reading material, I’ll pick up a novel. When I read comics, I prefer them to be geeky and girly, and Lumberjanes has the perfect combination of both. The plot is pretty simple — 5 girls away at scout camp for the summer. Throw in some mythological creatures and wild adventures, and it’s a bit like Salute Your Shorts* meets Scooby Doo. (*Please tell me you know what Salute Your Shorts is. If the answer is no, go check out the details now and possibly hunt down an old episode.)

The stories in each issue are short, but the plot continues from volume to volume. What I absolutely love the most are the off the wall interjections. In keeping the dialogue clean, the writers have used the most darn clever phrases, such as “What the junk!” and “For the love of Sister Rosetta Tharpe.” There are a dozen other women from history who are scattered throughout the dialogue of the characters like little Easter eggs, enhancing this series’ score on the nerdy meter higher and higher. While Lumberjanes isn’t a go-to educational read, it’s can definitely prompt you to go digging back through your history books in order to catch the female references.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not really into long drawn out comic book series. When I borrowed the first book, my friend also included the second. And after reading the second, I knew it wasn’t the end. Upon further review, I found out there’s no end in sight. The publisher, BOOM! Studios lists 21 issues so far. With four writers and an array of artists, the possibilities are endless. So, while I’m not keen on having to hunt down every issue, they’ll definitely all be added to my Goodreads list in the hopes of checking out each one.


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