How to Be a Spoiled Heartbreaker (aka a Gilmore Girl)

Once again I’m up late watching this show that has become the bane of my TV watching existence – Gilmore Girls. Even though the show first aired between the years of 2000 to 2007, I never watched a single episode. As I dig my way through this show, I’m exceedingly grateful that I didn’t watch it during those years.

I was in my early 20s, putting me at a young and impressionable age with a need to find something I can remotely relate to. Rory Gilmore was the epitome of a bookish nerd, the ultimate academic. Lorelei Gilmore was a great example of an independent, career driven woman. The two would have made some great idols … back then.


As it turns out, as I watch the show now while I’m in my 30s, I realize both characters are completely spoiled and stubborn women. They fight the prestigious family lineage and wealth which stems from Lorelei’s parents, yet they repeatedly return to that world. The hard truth that they can’t seem to grasp is that life is hard and things cost money. Regardless of how bold and brazen they appear, both women consistently run back to Emily and Richard Gilmore for stability and financial support. Where is the lesson in this? Mommy and Daddy will always bail you out.

WRONG. While it is helpful to have a supportive and financially stable family, the truth of the matter is that in real life, more times than not it does not happen. And IF you are lucky to have a supportive family, they may be able to help from time to time when some situations arise. For everything else, you get to a certain age and you have to realize you are going to have to put on your big girl pants and earn most of what you want. You will either pay with money or time, and if you can’t pay with either you may need to reevaluate your goals and desires.

Sadly, the Gilmore girls treat Emily and Richard (Lorelei’s rich and snobby parents) like their personal trust fund. However, Emily and Richard are partially to blame since they promote expensive living, costly rewards, and social status climbing. While Lorelei tries to run away from it in her youth, she inadvertently brings her daughter right back into that life when she needs money. We see the whole situation start over again in the next Gilmore, Rory. Unfortunately, it only takes several years for Rory to live a more luxurious life at prep school and Yale before she also starts crying for help, acts spoiled, and gets a ruinous rebellious streak.

Besides being financially spoiled, both Lorelei and Rory have very little respect for the men in their lives. This is also due to a lack of self-respect which I believe stems from their spoiled upbringings, but I digress. The common trend is that they string their paramours along until they fall for another. Then they keep both guys dangling at the same time only to hurt them, but then the girls get upset when either guy threatens to leave. They are never happy with what they find, and are never content to be independent. They are so selfish when it comes to their own personal interests that they never fully develop their relationships with others.

Don’t get me wrong. The men that the girls seem to love also have baggage, but doesn’t everyone? While some of Rory’s relationship problems can be chalked up to young love and indecisiveness, after a few seasons, the patterns are obvious and we see that, as always, she is her mother’s daughter. Both know what they want and they will fight for it … until something throws a wrench in the works or they find something better.

There are 42 episodes that I have left to watch. That is a long and arduous journey, my friends. I have little hope for the girls. I honestly doubt they make it out of this crazy world they’ve created for themselves without enduring and causing more disappointment and heartache.


Image found via Main source unknown.


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