Welcome to Pisgah!

What do you do when your local medical center keeps super-duper Mayberry hours? 

Go to your local National Forest!

Pisgah National Forest Ranger Station

Things in WNC (Western North Carolina) tend to close early. I’m not talking about 7 pm. Most local business are on what I will not refer to as Mayberry hours 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. These hours are great for the retired, students, tourists, and hippies, but for the average 9-5 worker, it’s a bit limiting.

This irritating fact of life actually turned out to be an opportunity in disguise today. My destination was Brevard which is one of the town’s that’s an entry way into Pisgah. Since I was in the area and still had some daylight, I stopped at the friendly ranger station. 

When you enter Pisgah or visit different areas, you’re greeted by these adorable vintage signs. It’s like a snapshot from another era. Then again, the whole area is ancient, so it’s hard not to feel nostalgic.

Today’s excursion was brief, but still refreshing. I checked out the ranger station, picked up some maps and a coveted Pisgah sticker, and then I hit the closest trail. The Andy Cove Nature Trail is a little .07 mile jaunt through the woods adjacent the ranger center. It’s an easy hike, but it gives you a moment in the woods nonetheless.

There’s a path in there somewhere! The nature trail is thick with rhododendron and trees.

I imagine this spot sees some heavy traffic during peak tourist hours. However, on a weekday, right after work, the tourists have yet to arrive or are eating dinner along with everyone else in the area. I’d recommend this trail to anyone with kids or to someone who just needs a quick dose of nature. 

Happy hiking!

Shhhh. Just stare at them.


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