Sigh, Sip, Om: Yoga and Booze

There seems to be a trend down in these parts (WNC) of gathering on the weekend for yoga and booze. 

But why combine healthy living with alcohol? …Because why not?!?

Perhaps this is something that occurs in more rural areas, where the open space and alcohol are abundant. I don’t recall ever seeing yoga and wine paired together in the Chicagoland area. Then again, you don’t see kids in bars up there, and here most breweries are family friendly – kids and dogs.

People are more relaxed. Breweries and vineyards are places for socializing. It’s a different pace of life. Combining these two things –yoga and booze — equals a few hours of healthy relaxation. 

For today’s example, I give you morning yoga at Saint Paul Mountain Vineyard. While it was no Yoga with Cats (another brewery escapade I’ve attended), yoga at the vineyard proved to be a wonderful adventure.

Vineyards, yoga mats, and wine…

I recently joined a local group of girls in order to get out and meet folks and learn the area. Our organizer found that this vineyard has an instructor come in every Saturday to guide a group in yoga. Included in the fee is some tasty wine after the yoga. (Though during the week I’m told they have a yoga session done in three 15 minute segments with wine in between. I don’t think I’d be able to do tree pose after one break.)

Needless to say it’s hard to go wrong here. You’re in the middle of a vineyard with nothing but sky and fruit trees as far as the eye can see. Tents are set up with some tarps, because it is a swelter out there once the sun gets going. An hour later, you’re relaxed from some gentle yoga, sipping on wine, and getting to know some folks. 

I feel that having a function like this back home would cost anywhere between $30-50. In addition you would have to cart your butt into the city, and who really enjoys doing that? And such an event would probably be overrun by a bachelorette party. Yet here, I’ve tuned into the yoga happenings, and several places have yoga and booze pairings without the big city hullabaloo and for an affordable price. 

Saint Paul Mountain Vineyard

Saint Paul Mountain Vineyard has a decent selection of their own wines: reds, whites, and fruity combinations. They also have room to host a food truck, bands, and events like yoga. It’s a lovely quiet place tucked away from the beaten path.

Check it out here:


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