Dang Man, You Look Good in That Blue Dress

In my journey through Asheville today, I was able to bare witness to the Asheville Hash House 8th Annual Blue Dress Hash. While driving through the River Arts District, I had to stop to allow a herd of runners run pass as they emerged from the prairie next to some railroad tracks. In turn, all traffic behind came to a halt. Even more interesting was their apparel. They were all wearing an assortment of blue dresses. Men and women were running in thrift store prom dresses, slinky pin-up sailor dresses, regular cotton dresses, and more.*

While other drivers and Asheville folk may have been annoyed with this random behavior as they made their way throughout town, I was quite amused and applaud them for their ambitious run. 

Upon further research, I found the following link to the event which gives more explanation. Apparently, this is an annual event.

In short, they are a running club that enjoys setting out on adventures and drinking alcohol. Interesting combination, I know, but I swear it works. Running+drinking=fun social activity. I can’t speak from first hand experience on the one, but I know a few happy hour runners.

Despite the shenanigans and some intent to piss off judgemental tight-wads in town, the group was out to have fun and actually raise money for Just Economics of Western North Carolina, which according to the event page, has the goal to “educate, advocate, and organize for a just and sustainable economy that works of all of Western Asheville.

Some may consider this a sophomoric act, and it is, but does that really matter? What counts is that there are people out there enjoying life, not causing harm to anyone else, raising some money for a cause, and providing the rest of us with a little smile and a laugh as they cross our path.

*Sadly I have no pictures of this event. I was driving so that makes things difficult. Lucky for me, the image will remain with me forever as the one guy in a ball gown hiked it up (with shorts beneath) and waved. I’m sure several others will also have this similar picture burned in their memories.


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