Your opinion has brought me here before — at a crossroads.
Do I follow my heart or do I seek your approval?
It has led to my indifference on matters that impact my life.
To choose to stay silent and small, or to be small and let my voice grow.

There are those who made history with their small voices.
Those voices grew as a collective and fought for my rights before I was even a thought.
In denying that my voice, my actions — our voice, our actions — could have any impact, is equal to saying their efforts achieved nothing.

When the neighbors of the world gather as a community to share common hopes for human rights, that means something.
When the feminists — all genders, races, ages — cry out together, it is a sign.
You may not give me your support, but you gave me knowledge and kindness, and I will wield those tools.
And now, when I am shaken to follow my heart, I will choose the right path.


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