Hope Over Fear


May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. – Nelson Mandela

Today’s yoga class instructor put this quote out into the room as we all sat stretching and reflecting. With one breath I inhaled it and held it. It’s something I wish I would’ve heard years ago.

While it is important to realize that hope alone will not accomplish goals or solve problems, it can be an important catalyst. Hope can lead you to find inspiration and to be innovative. And it can provide you with the willpower to get through difficult situations. Great choices can be made based on hope.

We all have fears, and many of us allow them to get in the way of making the best choice at a given moment or they prevent us from making any decisions and thus keep us stagnant. It’s easier to focus on worries and what-ifs. These are manifestations of negativity.  A little bit of fear can be healthy, depending on the situation. It can light a fire under your ass and help convince you to make hopes real. The danger lies in allowing fear to to take over.

The next time you find yourself fearing a situation or idea try to stop and see what hope you can pull from it. You will probably be surprised at how much stronger you really can be.



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