Adventure Day: Southern End of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Today was an adventure day. The definition of an adventure day? We just hop in the car and drive. Sometimes there’s some destination or purpose, but for most of the day we see where the road takes us.

Chris and I headed south on the Blue Ridge Parkway from South Asheville. We drove to the end at the Ocanaluftee Visitor Center in Great Smoky National Park. We had both done parts of the parkway, but never gone all the way through. Mind you one day we’ll have to drive north on the parkway to the beginning way up in Virginia, but that’s for another Adventure Day/weekend.

There are tons of overlooks, many with unfortunate names such as Rough Butt Overlook. At this particular overlook, we managed to coax a spider off of the car that had been hanging on for over 30-50 miles and was quite pissed when we stopped. His new home is at the overlook. Stop by and say hi.

Once at the visitor center, we wondered around checking out the old homestead and did some chicken, pig, and people watching. From there we drove through the park, passing the closed trails of Chimney Tops. This the area that suffered a lot from last year’s forest fires and spread to Gatlinburg. While it was sad to see, it was also interesting to see the area in it’s altered state and to see life trying to come back.


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