Little Jerry Bernstein – The Littlest Glider


How many paw prints can a heart endure in a lifetime?
With each small being, a new mark is left.
With each passing, a void grows where the print was made.
And we are reminded of the love that has always been and will forever remain.

Little Jerry Bernstein – the littlest glider. He was wee, and he was one. Born March 2005. Passed November 7, 2017. He had love for us, for his Buttons, and for his friend Fox. Sleep well little one.

The Woogie Song –
(Yes, sung to the tune of the Munchkinland song)
Come out. Come out, wherever you are.
And meet the young woogies who fell from the stars.
They fell very far, or haven’t you heard?
When they fell from above, a miracle occurred.


Jerry & Buttons


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