March On

It’s January 20, 2018. The first anniversary of the Women’s March has occurred. After having marched in Asheville, NC for a second year, I have mixed feelings.

While the crowd was not as loud and raucousy as it was last year, there was a feeling of determination and purpose. I have been disheartened with the political scene in our country. And I feel that in comparison to last year, my drive and hopes that we can make things better has diminished quite a bit. Hopelessness set in.

Yet in marching today, I’m reminded that awareness and acknowledgement are the first steps in any situation. While these two things do not solve problems, they are catalysts in the problem solving process.

I don’t know crowd totals, but it was apparent in Asheville and throughout the country that the people still remember last year and still feel the need to march. There was an influx of teens who joined the fold. Asheville’s march was even organized by a group of them.

Does this mean there’s hope for equal rights; women’s health protections; a decent and just government? I don’t know. I think we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what will or won’t happen next. There is hope, however, that not all of the next generation will go through life completely oblivious to political and worldly affairs– something that I feel has sadly been a bit of a downfall for us adults in today’s society.

Regardless of heavy thoughts and feelings, it was definitely a positive day spent with friends and several hundred people who all marched again with a purpose.


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