Mountain Goating Up Mount Pisgah

Do not be fooled by a corgi’s stumpy stature. Shorty’s got serious hops.

Me and Fox atop Mount Pisgah

Fox and I hiked up Mount Pisgah today. It’s 1.5 miles each way with quite a bit of elevation gain. I anticipated a climb and cringed at the thought that it might all be stairs. There were stairs made of stones, but there was also a lot of maneuvering to be done with many rocks, roots, and some water to make it potentially slick.

Half way up I felt guilty for taking Fox on the hike, but all in all I don’t think he actually minded. He’s a little tank. A regular mountain goat. We stopped a number of times to catch our breath, have some water, and chat with a family that we were keeping pace with.

Most of the trail is through a green tunnel of trees, rhodi, mountain laurel, etc. It doesn’t open up until the top where you get an almost 360 view of the Blue Ridge mountains and surrounding cities. I say almost because there’s a giant antenna up there for a local TV station. I’d imagine you might get some more glimpses of the mountain views in fall and early spring when there is less foliage.

The hike is in and out, so we came down the way we hike up. Fox was ready to run down, but he had to wait for my cautious self to get down carefully. Little man was pooped afterwards, but in true Fox fashion he impressed me once again with what a good hiker he is. He is the good boy.


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