Catskill, New York

A week ago my mom and I embarked on a trip. It was to be an epic exploration of Massachusetts. We didn’t make it. The universe was against us.


However, we did make it to Catskill, New York. This was to be our first stop. For about 24 hours we spent time visiting my brother Jake and his girlfriend Helena. Catskill is in the lower portion of upstate New York in the Hudson River Valley. That sense of old history and foundations hangs in the air. (I’d try to explain it more, but that could be a whole other post of me rambling.) I absolutely loved it. I can see why Jake and Helena settled in the area several years ago. There is a typical tiny town main street that’s lined with shops and restaurants. The rest of the area spreads out into the nooks and crannies of the land.

We visited their lovely new home, ate downtown, and meandered up and down the street. Of course we stopped along the water area where the Hudson meets another river. The Rip Van Winkle bridge stretched across the water.

The next day we did breakfast in a great little place called the Garden Gate Cafe — simple, not pretentious, and down to earth. I wish there were more places like it. I realize that they’re around, but you have to scout them out.

Afterwards we went and visited Kitterskill Falls. This waterfall is a historic attraction that has been drawing painters and tourists to it for years. While we did not make up the full length of the falls, we did get to watch them crashing down at the base of the trail. We were lucky in that we were able to see them when it wasn’t completely packed with people.

The whole region is old and cozy and mystical seeped in history and nature. I’ll always enjoy visiting my family, but it definitely makes it even more fun to explore such a fantastic area with them.




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