It’s Always Warmer in South Carolina

Living 20 minutes from the South Carolina border has its perks. If it feels too cold in Hendersonville, we just drive south and instantly gain at least 10 degrees.

Sulphur Springs Trail

Hurricane Michael came up and just missed us, but left some abnormal cold air for this time of year. My friend Katie and I ventured further south to hike in Paris Mountain State Park, just north of Greenville, SC. Warmer temps, many trails, a few lakes… it was a lovely place to visit. We chose the Sulpher Springs loop. It’s one of the longer trails in the park and is ranked one of the most difficult. We tackled it with only some huffing and puffing.

Hiking the trail clockwise, you’ll hit the hikers-only section. It follows a dammed up lake and travels uphill. This section is very rocky and rooted, thus making it the most difficult part. Much of the rest of the trail is smooth going.

If we thought leaf color was a bit scarce in North Carolina, there’s even less down in South Carolina. Leaves are on the ground, but the colors arent appearing, except for this one fabulous little plant.

Fall in South Carolina

I didn’t get too many photos while out there. Just focused on enjoying the hike. Here are a few others though:

The last wildflowers of the season


The turret holding the mechanisms for the dam.

Dam turret

Dam mechanisms

Water flow from dam

And finally, the best bear warning I’ve ever seen. Apparently things have escalated and they like to hop in cars.


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