Rainbow Falls, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Rainbow Falls

Every fall since 2014, I feel like I’ve made a trip to see my folks in Tennessee. We go hiking, relax, maybe do some cooking/baking/crafting. A few years ago, we moved closer to them, but I still make the trip to spend time.

Last weekend I had a mini-vacation to hang out with them, and my dad and I were finally able to get a hike in for the Rainbow Falls Trail in the Smokies. We’ve wanted to hike it for a while now, so I’m glad the weather was in our favor. A love for hiking/nature is one of those things that my dad and I share.

The trail is roughly 5 miles up and back. It’s a progressive climb the whole way up with a waterfall (Rainbow Falls) at the end. I wouldn’t suggest it to someone who isn’t up for a wee bit of a challenge. I suck at going uphill and had a rough start, but bounced back after a little while and after taking a snack break.

Me and Pa

The area had been burned a few years back when fires swept through the Smokies. You can see some remnants here and there, mostly just some scorch marks on trees and the larger of the decaying trees still lying on the forest floor, waiting for critters to make homes and for the earth to take them back. The forest bounced back from the devastation and has since filled back in. Trail crews have also been out there doing regular maintenance which includes building some impressive stone stairs.


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